Friday, March 27, 2015

Retros' Mata Hari

Séverine loves intrigue. She also loves see-through loveliness. Thus, Séverine models Retros' hand beaded recreation of Jeanne Moreau's seductive fashion from the François Truffaut 1964 film. 

The luxury of it all...

Beads, beads, everywhere beads! 

See-through charmer

Only Retros by Liz Cole! Only Séverine!


  1. She is so amazingly beautiful! Will Séverine be available for sale? :)

  2. Thank you, dear Beau-ette, for your visit. Yes, Séverine will be offered soon. Mr. Kalinowski is working on the dolls while Liz Cole, Sylvia Campbell, Rosina Haskell and others create fashions for them. Séverine will also make her debut in print in the upcoming late Spring issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine. For more information, stay tuned! You may also contact Mr. Kalinowski via Facebook.


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