Sunday, April 19, 2015

By Hand, Baby, Do It by Hand!

The magic of hand beading. Hand beading on supple black satin. Intricate hand beading on an exquisite design. Rare. Mythical. Sylvia Campbell reaches the apex of timeless style with this made-to-measure gown for Séverine. Based on a Mattel design exclusively sold in the Japanese market, this tour de force titled "Séverella" (or is it "Cinderine"?) leaves every one spellbound.

Why does Séverine enjoy all these luxuries, one may wonder? The answer is simple: the world is in love with Séverine, the doll of five hundred faces (for that is her edition number) and everyone wants to lavish her with their affection.

For more on Sylvia Campbell and her couture, visit her at Snowdance Originals. Vive Sylvia! Vive Séverine! Vive la joie!



Saturday, April 18, 2015

Come to My Valley, Doll

 Look. They drummed you right outta Hollywood! So ya come crawlin' back to Broadway. Well, Broadway doesn't go for booze and dope. Now you get outta my way, I got a guy waitin' for me. 

Séverine's on fire in Sylvia Campbell's tribute to Pucci madness. Necklace by Joy Jarred. 

Friday, April 17, 2015


Pierre, please, don't let the cats out.

Séverine meets her appointments only in the afternoons in a Rosina Haskell design in sparkly cobalt blue halter knit dress with detachable ruff.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

Manuel Puig Wrote It Best...

In the novel The Kiss of the Spider Woman, gay transvestite Molina describes the fabulous dress worn by the female protagonist of the movie he is narrating to his cellmate, Valentín. What I remember is a detail about the dress' cut and how it accentuated her décolletage. Like putting tits on a tray was his catchy turn of phrase...

Knit dresses by Vince Nowell.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Le complet

I haven't lived in San Francisco for ten years. Not since father died. A wino. He drank wine because he couldn't afford to buy whiskey anymore. After he was fired off the Express and every other newspaper west of the Rockies. They finally took him away in a straitjacket.

Séverine's suits by Retros, sewn by hand with vintage fabrics.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Unzip me, will you?

Unzip me, will you? I want to get out of these things. God, how I hate mourning. Did you see those characters at the funeral? Old California up to their stiff necks. Do you know how long I have to wear black?

A Professional Stance

Séverine joins the nine-to-five crowd in a slinky Retros knit dress.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Something Cool

Bar or lounge, Séverine likes to imbibe in style. In her Retros vintage brocade blouse and skirt, beaded at the waist with golden dewdrops,  Séverine sings one of her favorite songs by American songwriter William C. Barnes: "Something Cool."

Something cool
I'd like to order something cool.
It's so warm here in town and this heat gets me down
Yes, I'd like something cool.
My, it's nice to simply sit and rest awhile,
You know it's a shame
I can't think of your name
I remember your smile.
I don't ordinarily drink with strangers
I guess I usually drink alone
But you were so awfully nice to ask me
And I'm so terribly far from home.
Like my dress, I must confess it's very old
But it's simple and neat, it's just right for this heat
Save my furs for the cold.
A cigarette, no I don't smoke them as a rule
But I'll have one, it might be fun with something cool.
I'd bet you wouldn't imagine that I once had a house
With so many rooms you couldn't count them all.
I'll bet that you couldn't imagine I had fifteen different boys
Who would beg and beg to take me to a ball.
And I know you couldn't picture me
The time I went to Paris in the fall,
And who would think the man that I loved
Was quite so handsome and quite so tall!
Well, it's through, it's just a memory I had,
One I almost forgot since the weather's so hot
And I'm feeling so bad...
 About a date, oh wait, I'm such a fool!
He's just a guy who stopped to buy me something cool....