Saturday, October 31, 2015

Out of the Closet with Miss Sévinyl

Miss Sévinyl, Julian S. Kalinowski's creamy vinyl muse comes out of the closet on this first day of November 2015. 

With hairstyles designed by Bobby Taylor of Pink Bubbles Spa, Miss Sévinyl shows off her versatility as a fashion doll modeling two very different moods: a Cardin-ish mini and a Laura Ashley-like maxi.

The fashions were issued for the Poppy Parker doll by Integrity Toys and now live in Miss Sévinyl's closet. 

For more information of the fabulous hairstyles, contact
Vera at Pink Bubbles Doll Spa.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Voilà! Instant Asian Elegance!

Séverine by Julian S. Kalinowski is a universal beauty whose ability to metamorphose is the stuff of legend. A very special Séverine doll - green skinned and luscious as only she can be - proves the point perfeclty. Who is this attractive yet unsettling creature? Plutonian Séverine? Séverine d'Uranus? Queen of the Milky Way Séverine?

Whatever her true identity is, this very unique Séverine wanted something equally special to wear. And Je suis Séverine seizes the opportunity to pay tribute to dear Franklin Lim Liao who designed the stupendous fashion ten years ago to be modeled by a Silkstone Barbie doll in Barbie Bazaar magazine. Back then, Mr. Lim-Liao, fabulous and ever so creative, fashioned this two-piece cocktail set using a strip of vintage brocade. Upon completion, Mr. Lim-Liao was heard uttering: "Voilá, instant Asian elegance!"

Past and present come together in these photos. Je suis Séverine invites you to treasure the moment and those individuals who provide joy in your life. Here's to Franklin Lim-Liao! If he were still around, he would be smitten with you, Séverine!

Friday, October 16, 2015


Séverine has been invited to a séance. She dresses appropriately in a Retros burnt gold Lurex sheath in a most dignified length, black gloves, and a sober black headband. Since it's up for grabs as to whose spirit will materialize, Séverine decides to pile on the golden baubles.

In all, it's a winning look! Séverine is sure that once the séance table starts floating, the rooms' chairs are up in mid air, and every one else is scared to the core, she will be thrilled with her fashion choices.

Photos courtesy of ©Ernesto Padró-Campos/Dolldom Photography

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Miss Sévinyl

Because less is more...Miss Sévinyl!
Coming soon!

Photo courtesy of ©Ernesto Padró-Campos/Dolldom Photography

The Many Faces of Séverine

These are the faces of Séverine. Julian S. Kalinowski's muse du jour is every woman. These are some of the faces of the models featured in the current issue of Haute Doll magazine.

Although all are born from the same sculpt, Mr. Kalinowski's intention is to create many variations on a theme - the theme of Séverine. And so the doll transforms while retaining the essence of the character. "Séverine is an amalgam of actresses such as Jeanne Moreau, Catherine Deneuve, and Brigitte Bardot while her name was chosen for its ties to the character Severin in Ritter von Leopold Sacher Masoch's Venus in Furs and also to Catherine Deneueve's character in Luis Buñuel's Belle de Jour", Mr. Kalinowski explains while taking a break from painting feathery eyebrows on a ebony black Séverine doll. Based on Caprice, a French fashion doll manufactured by the company of the same name from 1964 to 1970, Séverine features legs lengthened by 2mm at the calf and 3mm at the thigh, a neck elongated by 2mm, a more detailed re-sculpting of the mouth area and a slight lengthening of the head. The first version of Séverine is made of heavy hard plastic, strung, and models viscose wigs set into a screwed-in scalp, just like Bild Lilli.

The second version, Sévinyl, is the natural progression of Séverine into a more accessible fashion and play doll.

Retros by Liz Cole
Tania Lawrence Fashion for Dolls
Rosina Haskell

All photos © Ernesto Padró-Campos/Dolldom Photography

Miss Sévinyl!

Coming soon! Stay tuned!