Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Doctor’s Son ( The First ‘Patron’)

I moved her out of that dreadful place, straight away. I couldn’t bear to see her suffer any longer. She cried, hung on my arm and looked up at me with those clear eyes, not yet hardened by city life or with weeping, and begged me wordlessly to save her. What could I do? Always been a slave to beauty, even in my youth. Especially in my youth.
So, yes, I set her up in a little place on Rue P_____ She skipped like a filly foal when I showed her it - the tiny kitchen, the cozy parlour and the high ceilinged bed chamber.
To be honest, that’s just what she reminded me of, a long legged young animal, still not knowing quite how to manage her limbs, rein in her excitement or control her temper. We had some quarrels, I can tell you and then,ah,the making up......
I adored her, fool that I was. I indulged her, treated her like the pretty, precocious little child she seemed to be. How could I have guessed the cunning behind those tilted almond eyes - those eyes that would fill with tears at the slightest scolding or the sight of a kicked stray dog.
I ignored the gossip of those old crows living in the quarter. I imagined their sharp tongues to be spiteful daggers plunged into the smooth flesh of my darling through pure envy of her beauty.
A gloomy late afternoon in February, the day before St Valentine’s, is when I saw her for what she truly is. It was darkening, both with night and cloud, as I hurried along the back streets, my heart beating with the anticipation of a night in her silken arms. I saw her, there was no mistake. There could not be. She is unique.
She was getting out of the back of a car, slipping on her high heels as she clambered clumsily out onto the wet pavement. I remember thinking that her heels were worn down and I must take her shopping for a new pair; then I saw her stuff her pink satin underwear into her pocket, like the cheap tart she was and blow a kiss to the fat, sweating man groping his way round to the front seat.
Something broke inside me that moment, something which has never been mended and I doubt ever will.
I did not confront her. I watched her skip over to the door and turned my back. I did not want to hear her honeyed voice, once so sweet to me, tell me her lies.
I gave notice to the landlord and never went near the place again. I heard the bailiffs threw her belongings out onto the street. She herself was long gone.
Some months later I visited the cafe on the corner of the street. When I had not been to see her for three days, she had merely packed up her clothes and disappeared. She left the little canary I gave her with the cafe owner’s wife. It pined for her and died. I doubt she would care, the heartless whore.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Le Grand Prix

Séverine's first contest is underway! And here are luscious photos of the prize for the winner. A sensational wardrobe by British designer Tania Lawrence. Ms. Lawrence has been designing for Séverine since her inception and continues to do so now that Miss Sévinyl is in production. Lucky Séverine and Miss Sévinyl!

For the winner of Séverine' Silent Movie Contest...

A brocade suit is always in style for lunches or early afternoon appointments...

The mini dress underneath transforms when worn with a faux leopard coat.

Séverine takes an assignemte in the tropics in her Bermuda à Go-Go mini dress and sunny d-lite coat!

For meetings with her lawyers, Séverine selects a luxe drop waist black crepe dress. 

Do not miss the chance to win! 
Enter your storyline today! 

Doll and props are not included in the prize.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Séverine's Silent Movie

Julian Kalinowski's Séverine doll made a movie. Way back in 1968. With a wardrobe designed by Juliet Whorton of Dangerousdames Lounge fame. The film got lost but these stills survive. Care to tie them together into a storyline? Dolldom and Je suis Séverine invite you to do so by posting it in the "Comments" section (click on the "No comments" hyperlink) at the bottom of the page. An anonymous jury will select a winner who will receive a beautiful trousseau for the Séverine doll designed by Tania Lawrence.

Thank you for your creative participation!

Still One

Still Two

Still Three

Still Four

Still Five

Still Six

Still Seven

Still Eight

Still Nine (Last One)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Advent of Sévinyl

Séverine keeps transforming, not only being the hand painted hard plastic doll of many faces and personalities, but also in her manufacture. For soon there will be SÉVINYL, the vinyl counterpart of Julian Kalinowski's Séverine doll.  Enjoy these photographs made by Julian for all of Séverine fans.

Stay tuned for more on Sévinyl!