Saturday, March 21, 2015

Défilé de mode avec Sylvia Campbell

Séverine comes out! All decked-out and with many places to go, la nouvelle fille Kalinowski is a veritable fashion plate in Sylvia Campbell's hands. The designer - a long-time fan of Lilli, Barbie, and Lalka - is known for her superbly made reproductions of some of the Barbie doll's hardest-to-find fashions. But this time, she lavishes her creative genius on Séverine. The mysterious Séverine...

For day, Séverine models "Flower Bomb", an intoxicating mélange of blooms embellished with Japanese beads galore. 

Afternoon or evening matters call for a suit. "Crudités Cinq à Sept" is a perfect choice for its aqua gold brocade and gold Lurex. 

Au bal! Séverine goes to those? Or is it to the boîte de nuit that she's headed? In any case, she's going to create a sensation in "Pétrole et Diamants", a vintage Lurex halter gown with a long faux-fur stole. 


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